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Sacre Coeur

  It was our last day in Paris. We spent the morning where we began our trip only eight days before, in the Tuileries Garden. We lounged in the green chairs that circle the fountain, watching workers dismantle the outdoor art sculpture exhibit they erected the morning we arrived. But lounging is for people who […]


  Have you ever made a friend online?   I met my first internet friend Julia from England, on a travel forum when I posted that I was pregnant with twins several years ago. Julia was not only a Mom of twin boys, she was a family-travel enthusiast; we immediately clicked.  What began as a […]


Boy at park, Notre Dame, Paris

Our heads buzzed from sugar and caffeine, our lungs longed for fresh air, and our legs were ready to run. After spending the last few hours restrained and under our best behavior while touring the Louvre, we  were eager to spend the last few hours of our third day exploring Parisian parks. Since  our hop-on/off […]