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Sacre Coeur

  It was our last day in Paris. We spent the morning where we began our trip only eight days before, in the Tuileries Garden. We lounged in the green chairs that circle the fountain, watching workers dismantle the outdoor art sculpture exhibit they erected the morning we arrived. But lounging is for people who […]


Metro Sign

  We loved riding the Metro. It was the fastest and easiest way to zip from one side of Paris to the other. There are many online sites that thoroughly describe how to buy a Metro ticket, explain the complex Metro map, how easy it is to transfer between trains, and so on. What I […]


stravinsky fountain, paris

I strut down the streets of Paris, listening to the echo of my heeled boots — alone.  With my wallet newly stuffed from the ATM, and a bag of breakfast goodies in my hand, my head is in the morning clouds, living an alternate life — no longer a Mom, but as a mysterious woman. […]