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Inside the Louvre Museum

It was still our third day in Paris. My mood had traveled from elation after seeing Monet’s Waterlilies alone, to despair once I returned home and heard about the knock on the apartment door. After getting the kids outside to play in the rain, Aaron and I came up with a plan: exhaust the kids. […]


Monet's Waterlilies

After spending the day navigating through churches with opinionated  kids, Aaron and I needed to unwind. And we needed to find a daily itinerary that satisfied everyone in the family. Once they kids fell asleep — and after a few glasses of wine —  Aaron got a little too relaxed, and said a few things that […]


Boys and the Fountain, Palais Royal Garden

There are several options on how to get from the airport into Paris: metro, taxi, shuttle service, and private car. We chose the last option even though it’s the most expensive, because it’s also the easiest.  We avoided  learning how to use the metro with jet lag, luggage and children;  we avoided finding a five […]