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Boy at park, Notre Dame, Paris

Our heads buzzed from sugar and caffeine, our lungs longed for fresh air, and our legs were ready to run. After spending the last few hours restrained and under our best behavior while touring the Louvre, we  were eager to spend the last few hours of our third day exploring Parisian parks. Since  our hop-on/off […]


Girl and Eiffel Tower

It was 2 o’clock in the morning, and the kids were eating yogurt in the kitchen. Don’t you just love jet lag? They promised to get back in bed, only if they slept with us: Ethan and Chase followed Aaron to one bedroom, while Ada snuggled into bed with me. Within minutes, the sweet sound […]


Feeding a bird in Paris

My six year old was thrilled when this sparrow took food from her hand, that is, until a hundred more of his closest friends arrived. (But for that picture, you’ll have to wait till next week….) Check out more Friday Photos at Delicious Baby.