Photo Friday: The Eiffel Tower

While I was interested in seeing the Eiffel Tower, I wasn’t obsessed with it, like I was with seeing the Colosseum in Rome.

However in Rome, the anticipation was so great that when I did finally¬† walk within the stadium, I was disappointed. The real thing couldn’t live up to the hype I’d created in my head. Now in Paris, with no unreal expectations to meet, I discovered that the Eiffel Tower was more than a hash-tag on the tourist to-do list. It was truly magical.

And while the views from the top were spectacular, I enjoyed it most with my feet on the ground, looking up, and having it tower over me.



Black and white Eiffel Tower

I was surprised by the intricate detail. Unlike massive stones stacked on one another, this tower was an amazing mix of delicate, yet strong.

Stoic brown, with bursts of yellow.


The Eiffel Tower is so well photographed, you see it, and if feels like an old friend that you’ve kept in touch with on the phone or email, but haven’t actually seen in years.¬† And I hope I get to meet up with Her again soon.

Eiffel Tower

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