Photo Friday: Looking Past the Rain

Rainy Paris skyline from the Pompidou

I’ve spent these last few weeks visiting my Mom in the hospital, and taking care of her after her release. The accumulated stress, worry, and exhaustion it caused suffocated my urge to write. I haven’t looked at my blog in weeks. The idea of writing about the Pompidou Center and its naked lady-parts (my next post) seemed frivolous.  I focused on what was right in front of me, and all I saw was rain drops blurring the horizon.

Thankfully my Mom is well again, and will make a full recovery.  And as my stress eases, and the exhaustion is cured by a several nights of restful sleep, I can see past the rain and focus on the faded beacon of hope on the horizon. And it feels good to once again, indulge in a little frivolity.

Speaking of frivolity – I now have a Restless to Roam Fan Page on Facebook. It’s where I’ll share pictures that don’t make it on the blog, and interesting links about travel – with and without kids.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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