We woke up this morning nursing a Lost in Tuscany hangover. We put the map away and chose to visit Montepulicano, a ten minute drive from our apartment. This medieval hill town was where we discovered our second transportation issue: we still don’t have a stroller.

A backpack was practical in flat, bustling Rome. We decided to delay buying another stroller (since the airline lost ours) until we arrived in Tuscany. But finding a store that sold baby equipment wasn’t as easy as we’d hoped and meant an hour’s drive into the middle of sightseeing wasteland. Not willing to give up a day of strolling through pictorial towns, we thought we’d just “make due”.

We learned that walking uphill on uneven cobblestones is exhausting and Montepulicano was the steepest hill town we’d yet tried to hike. The extra weight of our toddler on Aaron’s back left him weary and unenthusiastic to the idea of random wandering, normally our favorite pastime.

The backpack also prevented us from exploring the wine caves (cantinas), where they sell wine and also have wine and food tasting. We didn’t dare navigate Aaron’s wide profile through the maze of towering glass bottles, plus our toddler’s hands were at the ideal height to grab her own bottle of wine. Perhaps a stroller would’ve been just as dangerous, alas we’ll never know.

We shopped for souvenirs (in wide aisled shops) and watched the stone buildings turn apricot as the sun slowly set. Once the biting wind left us in shivers and runny noses, we happily called it a day. We decided to revisit the grocery store for dinner supplies and head home to have our own wine tasting in front of the fire.

The church bells rang as we trekked down the steep hill. Ada joined in with “bong… bong… bong…” Aaron’s back ached, we missed wine tasting in Tuscany, but those limitations didn’t matter once we heard Ada’s sweet voice mimicking the bell.