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While buzzed of birra we happily followed Ada through the piazza, while she stalked unsuspecting pigeons and tried todig cigarettes from the cobblestones. Feeling recharged and excited to explore in our final hours of our first day, we continued on and found Rome’s greatest monument.

With Ada sleeping in the backpack and Aaron and I enjoying our two gelatos we rounded a corner and into Piazza del Pantheon. We finished our sweet treat while basking under the Pantheon’s impressive granite columns. Inside, it’s brown and golden marble was so simple after the adornment that dazzled St. Peters. The “devil’s hole” (which is nine feet across) stunning and small compared with it’s the massive dome. After a few pictures, we squeezed through the crowds of tourists and back into the piazza at dusk.


Exhausted from our never-ending day, we  ate cookies for dinner and watched The Wizard of Oz dubbed in Italian. Our first day in Rome was a mix of breathtaking and frustrating, everyday Mom duties mixed with touristy frivolity.